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Medi Call


Dedicated followers of Richard Sage will know that he is operating out of the Mayer Funeral Home.

Invoices issued by the Mayer Funeral Home show that it is owned by Medi Call Southern Ltd, incorporated by Companies House on 07-11-2012. M-Call is – no surprises – an air ambulance business. Its SIC is given as ‘Funeral and related activities’.

Medi Call Southern operates out of a private house: 4 Bramfield Road East, Rayleigh, SS6 8RG.

Its director is named as Mr Sharon Parker. 







  1. Charles

    I am so confused by this, I don’t even know where to begin!

    I’m pretty sure any funeral director can arrange a worldwide repatriation….I don’t know why anyone would use this service over a funeral director.

  2. Charles

    I hear from the Blackfriars Court the Low Life Scum Bag Con merchant has had his case Adjorned until October. . . .

  3. Charles

    Lucy, his Medical Scam will be for repatriating the living not those have Passed away. . This is the same Scam yet again the he was imprionsned for some years ago amongst other things!!

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