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The Good Funeral Guide is your trusted, independent, not-for-profit information resource for funeral advice.

We are here to help you arrange the funeral that you want.

Please note, we have no connection with or affiliation to a website with an uncannily similar name, Funeralguide.co.uk and in no way do we endorse any information on that site.

The Good Funeral Guide will help you:

  • if you are arranging a funeral for someone now
  • get ready for your own funeral

We’ll show you how to:

  • make good choices
  • get best value for money
  • find the best suppliers of services and merchandise
  • create a funeral you’re proud of

We know who the good guys are!

We have been to see the funeral directors that we recommend, and we would trust them completely.

Read our review, and most importantly, read the comments from real people who have used them. 


Are you arranging a funeral now? Before you do anything else:

  • A bad funeral cannot be fixed. So read, print and give a copy of this to everyone involved: First Things First
  • Check out: Your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Shop around. Ask who owns the undertakers that you are considering appointing.Think twice before using a Co-operative Funeralcare or Dignity PLC funeral director. Or one owned by Funeral Partners. They cost more than we think they should.

We’re here for you, not them

We’re the consumer group that stands clear of the funeral industry. That’s what makes us different. 

We earn no money from advertising or commissions. We’re not in a commercial relationship with anybody. We’re skint and proud of it.

That’s why you can trust us. We are free to say exactly what we think – and we do. 


Find out more about what the Good Funeral Guide does and doesn’t do here: What we don’t do

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The GFG Prepaid Funeral Plan

 In partnership with Open Prepaid Funeral Plans Ltd we now offer our own prepaid funeral plan. It is radically innovative and offers unrivalled empowerment and value for money to people wanting to ringfence money for their funeral. Find out more about the GFGPlan here.


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