The Good
Funeral Guild

‘Guild’ – the dictionary definition: ‘An association of people for mutual aid or pursuit of a common goal’

The Good Funeral Guild is a collective of like-minded people working to change funerals for the better.

We believe in being the change we want to see. And making friends along the way.

Membership of the Good Funeral Guild is open to anyone who is committed to improving funerals – for everyone. For a small monthly subscription, you can join the most interesting and best-informed forum of people and immerse yourself in learning how funerals can be creative, beautiful and meaningful.

Guild members come from all walks of life, and include funeral directors, celebrants, funeral stationery suppliers, coffin, urn and shroud manufacturers, burial ground managers, crematorium staff – as well as members of the public who see the value and importance of a good funeral. We share news, ideas and best practice, support and encourage each other and generally act as a community of similarly motivated people.

Being a member of the Guild costs less than the price of a single weekly cup of coffee and subscriptions can be paid either monthly or annually, by PayPal or by standing order or BACS transfer.

Money received from the Guild is an integral part of keeping the Good Funeral Guide CIC available as a free, independent source of funeral advice for anyone who needs it. 

Come and join us – you’ll learn an enormous amount and be able to connect with some of the most brilliant people currently working in the world of funerals.

We’d love your support

As a Community Interest Company, the Good Funeral Guide exists to benefit the community and to fulfil a social purpose. We rely on donations and goodwill to continue to do our work.

If you find our website helpful, please consider making a donation to help keep us going. 

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