Dignity makes a difference

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Dignity figures

Capital expenditure at foot of page


And today’s difference is that between Dignity plc’s capital expenditure in the 52 week period ending 27 Dec 2013 — £12.4 million

and capital expenditure in the 52 week period ending 27 Dec 2013 — £1.4 million

This saving of £11 million is huge in the context of declared quarterly profits of £25.4 million. Had Dignity maintained capital expenditure at 2013 levels, profits would be down by… 40 per cent?

You can read the full document here.

Your interpretation of the figures would be very welcome.


Click the pic to bring it up to full size


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andrew plume
andrew plume
9 years ago

mmm, yes indeed

……….if you do not mind Charles, I’ll sit this one out and let someone else pull their figures apart etc etc




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Andrew Hickson (Kingfisher Funerals)

You have been a little bit naughty here Charles, and only read what you want to read. The figure in bold is below the line (and it’s a pretty thick line in fairness) and is not “Capital Expenditure in the 52 week period…” as you report, but Capital Expenditure Calendar YTD (calendar year-to-date) – which it does make very clear if you don’t just take a couple of columns out of the whole page. The 1.4M is only 1/4 of a year, not a full year. A quick check on Companies House website shows their financial year ends in December,… Read more »

Charles Cowling
9 years ago

Andrew, thank you. I wasn’t being naughty, honest, merely curious. I am innumerate, so have no means of picking the bones out of a balance sheet. Your clarification is a welcome shaft of light that lightens the darkness.