We want to change the visual language of funerals.

Every day, around the country, beautiful, creative funeral ceremonies take place. We don’t get to see photographs of these private, personal farewells, so the narrative of what a funeral ‘should’ look like continues, shaped by stock images of men dressed in black, with a veneer coffin on their shoulders topped with a traditional ‘coffin spray’.

We have decided to create a gallery of high-resolution images for anyone to download and use, free of charge, on their websites, in their literature, to accompany blog posts or news articles – wherever photos of beautiful funerals are needed. 

(Do please add a photo-credit to the Good Funeral Guide in acknowledgement). 

In November 2021, with the help of many of our friends and supporters from the Good Funeral Guild and some incredibly generous ‘accessory’ providers, we staged a day of mock funerals at Mortlake Crematorium, with funeral photographers Rachel Wallace and Tracey Anderson capturing every moment. 

Each funeral was created and carried out as if it were real, although our characters were all imaginary.

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