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For Funeral Directors

Introducing the Good Funeral Guide Accreditation Scheme

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What is the purpose of GFG accreditation?

Good Funeral Guide accreditation for funeral directors evaluates the consumer experience you offer. It is designed to connect bereaved people with the best practitioners in funeral service. When we accredit you we recommend you and post a full review of you on our website.

In a crowded marketplace, GFG accreditation enables you to

  • stand out from your competitors
  • serve more families

GFG accreditation thus benefits consumers and best funeral directors alike. We think that’s a win-win.

Essential guidance for the bereaved

We are constantly contacted by people looking for an excellent funeral director. Your word-of-mouth reputation is what it is but it doesn’t reach everyone.

In any case, more and more people want to make up their minds for themselves. They get on the internet. If they can find an authoritative review of you written by a trusted consumer organisation like the GFG it makes all the difference. As one caller said to us: “If there was a Good Funeral Guide recommended funeral director in this town, that’s where I would have gone.”

Essential reassurance for the bereaved

The GFG is the only consumer organisation that spends the time it takes to make an in-depth appraisal of a funeral director. We are the only organisation that can look people in the eye and say: “We have been and we have seen.” We are thorough. And we go behind the scenes. This is why we can give bereaved people the priceless assurance they most look for: that you will care for their person who has died with the greatest care and respect.

A seal of approval

GFG accreditation is sought by all sorts of funeral directors, from established big players to brilliant boutique businesses. Our recommended funeral directors range from AW Lymn and Leverton & Sons to Arka and A & A Doyle.

An essential marketing tool

We are happy for you to do well out of your accreditation by the GFG because we want bereaved people to find you. For our part, we do no more than cover our costs – we are a not-for-profit organisation.

Third-party endorsement by a trusted, knowledgeable, independent, consumer-facing organisation like the GFG has been shown to be much more powerful and cost-effective than advertising.

Not for everyone

We only offer accreditation to the best. Yes, we do turn people away if we think they aren’t good enough.

Request our information pack

For full details of the scheme plus our accreditation criteria, which we will send to you by email, please contact:

Charles Cowling on 01527 595 358 / 07557 684 515 or email him at