The ‘Recommended by The Good Funeral Guide’ sticker in the window of your premises is the mark of quality – an authoritative endorsement that will inspire confidence in the public.

At The Good Funeral Guide, we believe that good funeral directors (and burial ground operators) are characterised by their kindness, respect, empathy, professionalism and transparency. 

We have found a way to measure this through our unique accreditation scheme, enabling us to list the best companies on our hugely popular website. Our accreditation framework is transparent, accountable and watertight. Only the best practitioners get through the process.

The Good Funeral Guide’s accreditation scheme is designed to connect bereaved people to the best practitioners in funeral service.

We only recommend funeral businesses that we would trust to look after one of our own relatives. And only companies who are transparent and open about their pricing, ownership and practices will be considered. 

Unlike trade bodies, we look at each funeral business entirely from a consumer point of view. 

Unlike internet listing sites, we have personally visited every branch of companies we recommend. 

We can honestly say that ‘We have been, and we have seen’ and we consider every company that we list worthy of our recommendation. 

We know what we’re talking about. We are fair. Our record speaks for itself. We are uniquely qualified to offer third-party endorsement of your work. And we want to be able to celebrate the companies who are worthy of praise.

From a business point of view, in a crowded marketplace achieving Recommendation by The Good Funeral Guide enables the best companies to stand out from your competitors and to reach and serve more families. 

Independent endorsement by a trusted consumer body is reassuring and reliable for people searching for a funeral director or burial ground when they need one.

What is the point of the Good Funeral Guide?

Our mission at the Good Funeral Guide is to support, empower and represent the interests of dying and bereaved people living in the UK. We are a consumer advocacy organisation, and we look at funeral directors with the eyes of a client. 

We’re not a trade association, and our role is not to represent funeral directors. We’re on the outside looking in. But we know what we’re looking at.

The credibility of the GFG is founded in its integrity and independence. We have worked tirelessly since 2008 to prove our worth, establish ourselves as a trusted consumer resource and demonstrate that we do not seek to develop the GFG as a vehicle for commercial gain.

The focus of our work is the identification of best practice in funeral service, because we believe that dying and bereaved people are best supported when they find the people who will look after them best.

We are strengthened in this by our knowledge that, within funeral service, there are many men and women who are doing very good work.

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