The Good Funeral Guide Team

The Board of Directors of the Good Funeral Guide is united in our commitment to improving the way we do funerals in the UK. 

Drawn from various backgrounds associated with funerals and bereavement, we are determined to use our experience and knowledge to help people everywhere achieve the best possible funeral.

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Fran Hall

Fran is an award-winning former funeral director with more than 25 years of experience in funeral directing, natural burial ground management and working with bereaved people.

Previously a trustee of the Natural Death Centre Charity, Fran became CEO of the Good Funeral Guide in 2016.

She is responsible for the day to day management of the organisation and oversees the Good Funeral Guide accreditation scheme, the gold standard for recommending funeral directors across the UK.

Isabel Russo
Executive Director

Isabel Russo was a celebrant for 5 years before becoming Head of Ceremonies at Humanists UK, a role she held until Spring 2020. 

Passionate about helping shape contemporary ritual that speaks to the occasion, and to the real needs of those taking part, she managed the network of over 400 celebrants that are qualified and accredited by Humanists UK to conduct non-religious ceremonies across most of the UK. 

Isabel has always been an advocate of the Good Funeral Guide and is proud to work alongside her co-directors to make sure that it continues to thrive, challenge and re-form.

Jane Morgan
Executive Director

Jane has been a funeral celebrant since 2012. She’s also Director of Coffin Club North London CIC which provides practical, financial and creative advice about funeral planning through talks and workshops.  

The ethos of the Good Funeral Guide has always acted as an inspiration and informs her work with bereaved people and in her commitment to ensuring the public are fully aware of their options. She considers it a great honour to have been invited on board.

Olivia Knight
Non-executive Director

Liv joined us as a non-executive director in 2021. Her background is in brand and communication, and she was integral in leading the new look website and logo for the GFG. She is passionate about the environment, about community and about campaigning on ethical causes. 

Liv was also the inspiration behind the ground-breaking, GFG photo-shoot in late 2021 which resulted in hundreds of stunning images of funerals offered free for anyone to use as we help to shape the public perception of how beautiful and meaningful funerals can be.

Charles Cowling

The one and only Charles Cowling stepped gracefully into the background in 2018, after creating and singlehandedly curating the Good Funeral Guide for over a decade. He continues to be a staunch supporter and ally of the current directors, and the Board is grateful to know that his wisdom, counsel and advice is just a phone call away, and his friendship is ongoing.

We’d love your support

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