Green cremation

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It’s interesting to see how Resomation is taking off in the US — green cremation, they call it. Great name.

In addition to the eco credentials and the energy efficiency of these Resomators, we wonder how just how attractive to US undertakers, sorry, funeral directors, is the lovely whiteness of the ‘ash’ you get from Resomation. It’s the sort of thing that’s likely to make all the difference to our cosmetising cousins. 

Full marks to Sandy Sullivan in Glasgow, who makes Resomators for the US market. Nice guy, and doing okay. Well deserved. 

Find Resomation Ltd here



  1. Charles

    Still with my pyromaniacal hat on – (I’m loving today’s blog!) if it isn’t burned it’s not really ash is it? It must be more ‘sludge’ than ‘ash’. And there’s something a bit taboo about the wetness of Resomation that makes me feel uneasy. Aren’t all cultures fairly universal about that stage when the body changes from a ‘wet’ state to a ‘dry’ state as being important in terms of Something Significant? Help, I need a scholar who can remember their Gennep, or Goody or Davidson or whoever it was.

  2. Charles

    Jehdeiah, I certainly can’t remember Bennep or Goody or Davidson; no scholar I, an ex-bricklayer in fact, but even I draw the line at ‘fairly universal’! I’m relatively abosolutely scandalized!


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