A folklorist’s funeral

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There’s a very charming and touching account here of what would conventionally be reckoned the very alternative funeral of Thomas Hine, pictured above. His beautiful Leafshroud, below, was made by Yuli Somme here.





  1. Charles

    These are rare and serious people! With the culture and their community that interweaves and surrounds them, they did their friend proud and continue to do so in so many ways.
    No undertaker needed it would seem.
    Not even Rupert and Claire, who will be known by them all.

  2. Charles

    May it soon be the day when people say, “I’m just off to my make my [awesome heartfelt relevant art-object] for X’s funeral’.

  3. Charles

    What a delightful trip to The Hermitage and what a fantastic tale of Thomas’ laying to rest. Thank you thank you and thrice thank you. Now was I visiting the Hermitage as a slubberdegullion or a dreamer?

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