Second-hand coffin for sale

Charles Cowling



A used casket went up for sale last month at a Los Angeles auction house with the estimate price of $1,000. The ‘one previous owner’ was Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F Kennedy’s suspected assassin. Shot dead by Jack Ruby just days after JFK’s murder in 1963, he was buried in Texas, but was unearthed after his widow sought an exhumation to test a conspiracy theory that a lookalike Russian agent had been buried in her husband’s place. A medical examination showed the decomposed body was indeed Oswald’s, and he was returned to his plot in a new casket. The original coffin had deteriorated, and was sold by Baumgardner Funeral Home, the local undertaker which handled the re-internment. It fetched $87,469. The owner is unknown.


Story here.


A bit more here

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Steve horne
Steve horne

i cannot wait to use this coffin i hope it hasent been cleaned so their are some flakes for my last meal

John pepperson
John pepperson

I cannot believe you are mocking this beautiful piece of engineering that housed the elusive John Harvey Oswald all that is left to say that this is a masterpiece.


Hear hear, John.


There’s something ghoulish about this coffin and its provenance. Even putting wheels on it as a go-cart wouldn’t exorcise the wretchedness of its story.

It doesn’t help that the Kennedy assanination is unresolved.
I wonder if I’ll live to see the facts.

Richard Rawlinson
Richard Rawlinson

If the new owner doesn’t restore and recycle it, perhaps he/she will donate it to the Museum of Death in Hollywood.