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Charles Cowling


From Richard Rawlinson, our religious correspondent, who is a Catholic. 


The campaign against ugly and extraneous coffin handles launched by aesthete and designer David Hicks, which the GFG ran a little while back – here – has support in high places. Pope John Paul II’s coffin was beautiful in its simplicity.
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james showers
10 years ago

To clarify, I mean uneccessarily wedged upwards, vs the usefully wedged sideways which accomodates those load bearing Pope shoulders.

james showers
10 years ago

Oh dear, I disagree about this thing’s beauty; simple, certainly – even if the wedge shape is not strictly necessary (and therefore a design feature?)
But beautiful? Not in my eyes.

I find handles (esp.rope or oak T-bar’s) to be a very useful feature. They obviate the need for a ‘litter’, like the one used here, and make the coffin more user friendly.
Unlike the weak extrusion molded “brass” jobs, tacked on.

David Holmes
David Holmes
10 years ago

A good friend and her sister recently dealt with a Dignity branch in Scotland. Both were upset to discover the handles supplied were not as depicted in the sales brochure. They paid top whack for the coffin – and claimed Dignity were unapologetic, claiming that ‘variations’ were possible.

I’m not a fan of handles – except perhaps those nice rope ones. It was/is a timely reminder that families have opinions about everything to do with our service, even handles – which I suspect your typical FD may not see as important at all.