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Fran Hall

We are really sad to announce that our lovely Editor, Louise Winter, has resigned as part of the GFG team this weekend.

We’ve been lucky enough to have had her on board for over a year, during which time she has reinvigorated and rejuvenated the Good Funeral Guide, teaching us oldies about the power of social media and helping us reach farther than ever before using Twitter and Facebook. She’s been a great friend and colleague, and we will miss her immensely, but we’re delighted that her reasons for stepping down are such good ones.

Lou will be devoting herself to running her new bespoke funeral business in London, Poetic Endings  while simultaneously curating Life, Death Whatever and developing a LDW community – and writing a book in her spare time. After much deliberation, she decided that there just wasn’t enough space for her to continue her voluntary role with the GFG, so she has reluctantly decided to bring this chapter of her life to a graceful close.

I know that I speak for my fellow directors when I say how sorry we are to see her go, but we are incredibly lucky to have enjoyed her creativity and company over the last year and we will remain the firmest of friends.

Louise will continue to be an active member of the Good Funeral Guild, and will be acting as Creative Consultant to the GFG in the future – which basically means we’ll be ringing her up regularly to arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat, but she won’t have the burden of having to give up hours of her time being the editor of the GFG.

So thank you very much for everything you’ve done in your time with us Louise. You’ve been amazing, and will be a very hard act to follow. We wish you every success with your exciting work, and we will feel a strong sense of pride as we watch you continue to change the way we do funerals in the UK.





  1. Fran Hall

    Great shame but we are so pleased at Respect to have you as part of our network and it was great to hear your first ever funeral was the one we passed on to you and especially as it was with one of our shrouds, plus I believe your second cremation was with one of our shrouds too. So best wishes for your new career and we look forward to hearing more about your success
    All the team at Respect

  2. Fran Hall

    OK it’s customary and polite to wish people well in these circumstances but is this move a great loss for the GFG?

    Ms Winter’s role was described as editor and in her time as such the blog posts here plummeted to about 2% of the previous amount. Gone were the often daily items which made us think about the work we do and which produced loads of comments from people who felt engaged. There used to be some good contributors too. Where have they gone?

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