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Fran Hall

It was only a matter of time.

The GFG has been the go to information resource for anyone needing to find out about the intricacies of organising a funeral for years and years, in fact, we’re amazed it’s taken this long for someone to hitch on to our coat tails.

The winner of the prize for trying to look like us is a certain Mark Brown – of FuneralGuide.co.uk. Go on, click on the link, we’re sure he’s counting visitors to his website. He’s probably very well meaning, but the relentless emphasis on urging readers to take out a pre-paid funeral plan doesn’t sit terribly well with us. We’re not sure why he would do this. Nor does the rather cheeky purloining of a website name that is remarkably similar to ours.

Funeral Guide offers FREE help with funeral planning and lots of badly written and not very accurate or helpful advice. We’ve signed up for his ‘Beat the Funeral Price Hike’ free download just to see what he suggests for us. It apparently contains all the information you need to make an informed decision about planning ahead. But we really couldn’t be bothered to go to his ‘fast quote form’.

Helpfully, Mark has been e-mailing funeral directors on our Recommended by the GFG list asking if they’d be interested in linking to his site and kindly offering to promote anything of theirs on his social media and with his audience. Perhaps we’ll send him a link to this blog. In the meantime, if you hear from him, be assured, he’s nothing to do with us.


  1. Fran Hall

    Interesting website. Out of curiosity I just tried the ‘free estimate on the price of a coffin and casket’ button which doesn’t give you that, rather you end up with a lump sum for a funeral , in my case it produced £3712 for a cremation in Scotland. A small point but quoting that ‘coffins are the more traditional five sided shape’ gives an indication that the author is not familiar with funerals.

  2. Fran Hall

    I managed to read for a few seconds, but it is clear why it’s not a GOOD funeral guide.
    ‘There are rules, regulations and laws that stipulate how a body and coffin might be interned’
    Inter verb
    past tense: interred; past participle: interred
    place (a corpse) in a grave or tomb, typically with funeral rites.
    “he was interred with the military honours due to him”
    synonyms: bury, lay to rest, consign to the grave, entomb, inurn; More
    earth up;
    informal put six feet under, plant;
    informal deep-six;
    literary sepulchre, ensepulchre, inhume, inearth
    “his remains were interred in the new cemetery”

    Intern verb
    past tense: interned; past participle: interned
    confine (someone) as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons.
    “the family were interned for the duration of the war as enemy aliens”
    synonyms: imprison, incarcerate, impound, jail, put in jail, put behind bars, detain, take into custody, hold in custody, hold captive, hold, lock up, keep under lock and key, confine; More

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