Warhol inspires from beyond the grave

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Posted by Richard Rawlinson

As the big chill looms in the UK, it’s already snowing in Philadelphia. I know this as I’ve stumbled across a Facebook page dedicated to Andy Warhol’s grave in a Pittsburgh cemetery. Here

It seems the page is updated daily with images taken by fans of the pop artist who visit the grave, come wind or snow, to leave mementos such as Campbell’s soup cans.

An even more appropriate tribute is the painting of the grave by a Jeff Schaller. He created a rubbing of the headstone, and then silkscreened it on top of a hand painted image.

And taking inspiration from Warhol’s film-making phase, another endeavour is a live 24/7 webcam feed of the grave. Warhol’s movie ‘Sleep’ famously filmed a man sleeping for five hours. If you watch the grave webcam long enough, it promises to be more eventful: you might spot the next visitor arriving with a can of soup.  Here


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