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Trawling through a stack of local papers of a weary Friday afternoon, the GFG’s gannet-eyed media monitoring team came across some advertorial in the Ipswich Star which gladdened their eyes. It was half a page of advertorial celebrating the first birthday of GM Taylor, Independent Funeral Director.

They very much liked its directness and transparency. One said, “This is exactly how undertakers ought to define their relationship with their clients.” Another murmured, “Coffins on the internet… prices in the window…” A third hazarded, “Ken West would probably like this one.” Here is some of the text:

“There is no law that states a family must use a funeral director and a lot can be done by the family if they wish to do so. We can do as much or as little as the family request us to do – if a family wishes to buy a coffin from the internet and only use our chapel of rest, for example, we are only too happy to assist. Or, if a family requires us to only collect the deceased, again we are only too pleased to assist and we will adjust our prices accordingly.

“We have a price structure that lets a family know the breakdown of our professional services. We also advertise all our prices on our website, and in our shop window.”

You can read the whole piece here:  GM Taylor advertorial


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