Introducing the Citroen Type-H hearse

Charles 8 Comments

You’ll be wanting to give a warm welcome to John Turvill’s Citroen Type-H van hearse. He’s been getting it ready for a while now, and we have enjoyed corresponding with him as he has drawn closer to launching. The website’s not finished yet — his photographer hasn’t managed to make time yet to snap it from all angles — but the van is ready to work.

You can see that John has given 100% attention to all the sorts of things that undertakers worry about. It’s mechanically perfect, the bodywork is as good as it gets and the deck is everything you would expect and require.

For anyone who would like to tell their clients about the van, John has produced a postcard (illustrated below). Contact him and he’ll send you some.

The other really important thing you’ll want to know is: is John a nice person? Based on our correspondence with him, the answer to that is a big yes.ย 

Find John’s landing-page-only (as yet) website + contact details here.ย 




  1. Charles

    Agree with David, it does look outstanding and I’m sure will turn a few heads, with Johns location being mentioned I would push for marketing it on the continent, France would be the first Choice.
    Alternative transport just gets better. keep them coming.

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