Vultures circle over Funeralcare

Charles Cowling



From Sky News: 

The Co-operative Group has rebuffed a string of takeover approaches for its funerals arm amid a controversial restructuring of its troubled banking division.

Sky News has learnt that buyout firms including CVC Capital Partners, the controlling shareholder of Formula One motor racing, and Montagu Private Equity, a former owner of the Dignity funeral planning business, are among a large number of parties to have expressed an interest in acquiring the Co-op unit in recent weeks.

The prospective buyers have all been rebuffed by the Co-op, whose new chief executive, Euan Sutherland, has made it clear that he does not want to part with any of the mutual’s “crown jewel” assets.

The precise value of the Co-op Funeralcare business is unclear, but analysts expect that it would be worth hundreds of millions of pounds if it were to be sold.





4 thoughts on “Vultures circle over Funeralcare

  1. Charles Cowling
    Kathryn Edwards

    Steady, Andrew!

    It wouldn’t help consumers for there to be a shift from vulture to velociraptor.

    Charles Cowling
    1. Charles Cowling

      So……….er, wot?
      shall us lot club together?

      Charles Cowling
      1. Charles Cowling

        … and if we’re successful can we have a uniform like the one in the picture?

        Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    andrew plume

    and thank you Charles for posting this extremely tasty morsel……..

    and what if an offer was so high then it simply couldn’t be turned down, mmmm?

    go vultures go



    Charles Cowling

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