Say Their Name

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Film made by Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris, nominated for a Good Funeral Award. Beautifully crafted and very, very powerful.


  1. Charles

    Heart breaking yet reality, Jed I couldn’t agree more with your comments.
    I have a partner that lost her child nearly 20 years ago, long before we met each other, Last year would have been his 21st Birthday, no tears, just a cocktail party with family and friends that were around when he passed away, and we celebrated his life, short as it was we celebrated the 3 years he was alive, the cocktail party was a decision made by both me and my partner, with the blessing of
    her 3 other Children, the men wore diner Jackets, and the ladies wore evening dresses, before the evening got going a toast was made to the little boy that we were remembering, emotional to say the least. may he rest in peace…

    1. Charles

      What a moving account of an elegant remembrance and celebration of the lifespan — literal and poetic — of your partner’s little boy.

  2. Charles

    Thank you for posting this Charles – one of the most moving pieces of film that I’ve seen and utterly deserving of multiple awards in testimony to the powerful truths spoken by the parents we saw.

  3. Charles

    Thanks so much for the positive feedback. We were asked to make this film for The Compassionate Friends and believe its the only film of its kind to be made by bereaved parents for bereaved parents and siblings. We have learned so much in the making of Say Their Name. Most importantly that our feelings of isolation and despair are felt by all bereaved parents. To outlive your child is in the wrong order of things and we hope the film will help others find their way through this worst of all losses.
    Jane and Jimmy

    1. Charles

      Really beautiful work, dear ones, to showcase such articulate storytelling and promote remembrance. May the project contribute to your continuing healing from the shock and sorrow of losing Joshua.

  4. Charles

    Thank you for making this film. Thank you Charles for offering it up to your community. I was with each parent and sibling, deeply listening to them name and remember their loved one. It’s a good thing, this.

  5. Charles

    Wow that is brilliant (she says wiping away tears)
    Its so hard to get messages accross to families that I work with sometimes because they are experiencing the begining of this agonising process.
    I hope that I can use this short film in my work.
    Week in week out I see this. That footage has really helped me especially today since yesterdays funeral of a 15 year old girl so tragically taken is fresh in my thoughts. When I am able to find an appropriate time I will mention this.
    Compassionate friends is on my web site but Id love to link to this film if thats OK?
    Thank you!

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