#Bomo2013 – 7 & 8 September

Charles Cowling


It’ll be the third time we’ve done it, and it will have its third working title: Good Funeral Awards. It keeps on getting bigger and it keeps on changing its shape. We hope that this year will be better than ever. We’ve tried to keep prices as low as possible. Do come.

We’ve published a manifesto: Bomo2013. And of course there’s a website. There will also be a tv programme about last year’s event. You can watch it on Sky 1 at 8.30pm on 18 July – a full hour’s documentary with lots of backstory about Funeralworld’s finest.

The Twitter hashtag is #bomo2013

This is what we’re working hard to create : An inclusive, unstuffy, chatty event, which attracts the liveliest minds in Funeralworld and the general public, and strives to be useful. 

No one has ownership of the event. It belongs to all who participate. Brian Jenner is our lead organiser and host.

This is what we seek to achieve:

*  to bring together the tribes of Funeralworld – the undertakers, the celebrants, the makers of merchandise, the raisers of awareness and the consumer advocates

*  to promote among them opportunities to connect, exchange views and experiences, share best practice and generate synergistic capital

*  to encourage members of the public to drop in, mix, eavesdrop, learn, inquire, question and contribute on an equal footing

*  to debate issues around longevity, dying, the care of the dead, funerals, commemoration and grief

*  to promote an enrichment of the commemoration of the dead in ways which meet contemporary cultural, emotional and spiritual needs

*  to focus on practicality by exploring observances and rituals which are capable of adoption or repurposing by bereaved people in Britain today

*  to be welcomingly inclusive — to reflect and respect all schools of thought from the trad to the progressive

*  to promote greater public engagement with dying, death and commemoration and thereby stimulate social change

*  to promote the empowerment of the bereaved

*  to stage the Good Funeral Awards + dinner dance

*  to attract publicity to our work in the media

*  to have fun by the sea.

It’s not going to be one of those events where you sit in a darkened room being talked at all day. There will be discussion groups, indoors and out. Dr Ben Sessa will talk to anyone who wants to listen about the use of psychoactive drugs in palliative care. For the ‘general public’ there will be a panel event: ‘So you want to do it all yourself?’ offering support, guidance and advice for self-helpers & considering how undertakers and celebrants can support bereaved people who want to take ownership of all or part of the process.

Find out more: go to the Good Funeral Awards website and download the manifesto Bomo2013.

We really hope we’ll see you at Britain’s Copacabana: Bournemouth.

Dying is Bournemouth’s largest leisure activity, after carpet bowls and complaining to the Council’




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Poppy Mardall

I’ll see if I can get Jimmy a bow-tie Kateyanne, otherwise it’s a lemon yellow neckerchief all the way.


its too far for me to come unfortunately easier to get to Paris than Bournemouth can I extend an invitation to host it in the North East next year we have wonderful coastline, castles and food up here !

Andrew Rush
Andrew Rush

“generate synergistic capital”? What’s the Twaddle rating on THAT one, Charles?!


Charles – seems like tickets for the Awards Ceremony have sold out??? “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT” (only relevant if you are into Wimbledon…). What chance of getting 2 tickets??? Or can we hang around outside – could you have speakers/sound system? Similarly, there’s nothing worse than being at a funeral service and not being able to hear if you can’t fit/get in. Here’s hoping you can work your magical powers……


We would love to be able to come but unfortunately it doesn’t look as it we’ll be able to take the time off. Shame, as we missed last year for personal reasons – ah well, who knows, maybe next year!


Jimmy must attend. I see him in a red or black bowtie. Luna sends her regrets.

David Holmes

This event is Glasto for undertakers!*

and all those in the ‘death-care community’ 🙂

Hazel Pittwood
Hazel Pittwood

Very much looking forward to this event and meeting other like minded people of the funeral world.

gloria mundi

I am, even now, preparing to lock up Mundi Mansions for that weekend and totter down to Bomo on my Senior Railcard, equipped with specially-engraved hip flask, and a parasol for prodding the younger and more insolent amongst the gathering. You called it a “tribe,” Charles. If I wanted that sort of thing I’d have gone to Glastonbury and shaken a tail feather at that old rascal Jagger.

Your people do wash regularly, I hope?


Bring him, Poppy, BRING HIM!!

Poppy Mardall

Would a beautiful greyhound called Jimmy be invited? If it helps, he’d be willing to dress up for the occasion….

Poppy Mardall

Thank you for organising this! We can’t wait to see you all!

David Holmes

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away! And of course, it’s only a short drive from my home 🙂

I LOVED last years awards – despite the heat.

Liz Mowatt

Sounds fantastic Charles, I was only too sorry to have missed last years (heck, should there have been an apostrophe in there?). I have every intention of getting along to this one!