Felt feels fab

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Fans of Yuli Somme, who makes the beautiful Leafcocoons, crafts other lovely stuff from her felt offcuts. Nothing goes to waste in her workshop. 

Here at the GFG-Batesville Shard, when the temperatures drop, we swear by Yuli’s fabulous foot felts — insoles for our shoes. They are brilliantly comfy and cosy — there’s nothing like them. 

If you work from home with the heat off during the day, and/or if you spend periods of time in cold crematoria and cemeteries, they don’t half stop your toes from going numb. And they make your feet feel snug as can be. 

At £6 a pair, £15 for three, they’re really good value. Buy some and you will celebrate your good fortune until you curl said (toasty) toes up. 

Yuli says:

Keep your feet snug and warm inside your shoes or boots with these cosy foot felts.  You can choose small (up to size 5), medium (up to size 8) and large (up to size 12) and you cut them to size. Please email for sizes beyond 12.   Remember to compost the off-cuts!  They are also excellent for long distance walking.  A friend of mine did the whole of the South West Coastal footpath in them, and said that nothing else worked so well at preventing blisters.  Hooray for wool!

Check out Yuli’s tea cosies, tuffets, bags and hot water bottle covers. Great for Christmas presents.



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