Death in the community

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From KentOnline:

Grave concerns have been aired over a coffin maker’s presence at a late night shopping event [in Tenterden, Kent]. Andy Clarke of Wealden Coffins, who makes unique curved and painted eco-friendly coffins, said his business had as much right to be there as anyone else.

“It was quite interesting,” he said. “We had a lot of quite mixed responses. I think it surprised a few people and there were some people who avoided eye contact. We did get some people who said it’s not really very festive and it’s not necessarily something you would buy for Christmas, but we had a lot of very positive comments as well.

“I had a great number of people who said how lovely the coffins were and how it was nice to see them out in a place where you could see them. If people get annoyed by the subject of death that’s unfortunate but it’s something we all have to go through at some stage.”  [Story

In an email to the GFG Andy adds: “One of the main things that came across is that on the whole many people just don’t like to talk about death and the issues around it. Many of the people that we actually spoke to said how refreshing it was to see someone showing off their coffins in a public place instead of hiding them away.”

We first featured Andy back in April here

Andy is presently holding a competition for a new design for his Curve coffins. If you fancy a doodle, check it out



  1. Charles

    I read from the article:

    ‘He’ (events officer for Tenterden & District Chamber of Commerce) ‘added that he was perplexed by the comment about the lack of a Christmas theme’ (at the event).

    ‘ “Father Christmas was there,” he said. “The Lions had their Santa’s sleigh, Father Christmas turned up in an old vintage car and the Rotary Club were selling mulled wine.” ‘

    So why not have a Christmas Coffin thrown in? It could make a handy present for someone, given that the death rate usually rises once the festivities are over. Bah humbug to the party poopers.

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