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Carla Conte is holding an exhibition in late January 2013. The title is Graveland. The venue is the Crypt Gallery, London. 

Graveland takes a curious look at cemeteries and tributes from around the world, exploring ways we remember, through photography & art.

Photography, stories, objects and decorations will show some of the many different ways we commemorate a person worldwide, from the traditional to the the more unusual. This will be further explored by artwork including drawings, sculpture, installations, photographic art, film and craft.

During the week we will be making the most of the space by holding a music workshop, book club and Death Cafe, as well as holding an opening event with performances.

You can find out more on Carla’s web page. I’ll give you the link in a moment. Be patient, for heaven’s sake. 

Here’s the rub. Carla needs to raise £1000 to hold this exhibition, and she’s doing that by crowdfunding. 

We very much want you to support her because we think Carla’s terrific and we feel certain her show is going to be great. 

Please do this NOW. Just 100 tenners will see her home and dry.

Go to her web page, read all about it, then click on a Pledge button on the rhs. 

Together, we, the GFG readership, can help make something beautiful happen. 


Ed’s Note: Is the Kickstarter website safe? Yes it is. Type that question into Google and do your due diligence. 


  1. Charles

    Just wanted to add some support for this. I’ve met Carla and she great, as is her work. I am happy to be supporting this by offering a Death Cafe as past of the exhibition. I have donated to make this event possible and request that if you’re able and minded to you do the same.

  2. Charles

    AGREE! Carla’s work is gorgeous, thoughtful, important, timely, and lightly held. I’ll be heading over to support it, feeling that gesture to be a privilege. Thx for laying out the opportunity, Charles.

  3. Charles

    Carla has until the 8th December to raise a further £675 else she loses the £325 already pledged. Graveland Exhibition, Crypt Gallery (Kings Cross) 29th January to 3rd February 2013.

    You may be familiar with Carla’s work as along with Sabby at the London Green Funeral Exhibition they dressed Conway Hall in a most amazing Day of the Dead theme to support the Natural Death Centre. It’s been a joy meeting up with Carla several times over the last few months and hearing how the exhibition is progressing.

    At the NDC we are so looking forward to it.

  4. Charles

    This looks to be a great ehibition. Showing traditional and modern ways of paying tribute and remembering loved ones is a fantastic idea.

    Having worked with families sufffering a loss, producing video tributes and life story videos, I believe strongly that there is an honest beauty in celebrating and remembering.

    I wish all the best to Carla and would urge anyone with some spare pound coins to help support this project. I shall definately be showing my support.

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