Strange bedfellows?

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The economic crisis in Greece has got so bad that football clubs are having to scour surviving businesses for sponsorship. Reuters reports that: 

Palaiopyrgos – many of whose players still attend school – have signed a deal with a funeral home.

“For us it was a matter of survival,” manager Lefteris Vassiliou told Greek radio.

Despite the macabre attire – black jerseys with the undertaker’s logo and a large white cross down the middle – Vassiliou said the players had taken it well, and it had even given them an advantage over their opponents.

Recounting a recent match, he said: “The goalkeeper kept crossing himself, our competitors lost every play. It seems they were too scared to come near us.”

Voukefalas is now sponsored by a brothel and the players now flaunt pink shorts and T-shirts emblazoned with her brothels’ logos, including “Villa Erotica”.

Reuters do not make it clear why readers should suppose there is equivalence between the two sponsors. 


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