ITV Exposure Responses FPL & NAFD

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The following statement was read out after the Exposure programme 24.10.2012

‘Last month in ‘The British Way of Death’ Exposure went under cover in the funeral industry at Funeral Partners Limited revealing racism and disrespect of bodies and the bereaved.

 FPL who own the branches in Slough and Tooting, where we’d been filming, have apologised, five people have been sacked, one has resigned and a seventh is currently suspended.
The company says it’s investing in diversity training and will be improving facilities and equipment where needed.
They’ve also offered to reimburse fees paid by a widow who was shown being racially abused at her husband’s funeral.

The NAFD has said that “in the light of the Exposure programme it will begin a root and branch review of its code of practice.” ‘



  1. Charles

    I am extremely concerned regarding The Exposure insite into the funeral service that has been broadcasted. I will need to look into the dates in more detail, as my Mother was at Gilmore Funeral.

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