Crems on wheels

Charles 9 Comments

The handsome chariot pictured above is a mobile crematorium. It is reckoned to have been developed for FEMA in case of disaster.

Would it not serve just as well for scattered rural populations in Wales and Scotland? 

Full mobile crem patent here


  1. Charles

    Bloomin’ materialists!

    Where’s the parallel commitment to emergency ritualists?

    Despite the risk of disease and dismay, would it not have been preferable to bury the Belsen dead with ceremony rather than simply with bulldozers?

  2. Charles

    Only if it recycled its clients as ice cream, Jonathan. But… if it used its cold to keep ice cream on ice, that would be altogether different. In the same way that the mobile cremator could re-use its heat… Sorry, I’m stopping there.

    1. Charles

      Just as well to stop there, old boy, it reads ‘crem’, not ‘cream’ – should have gone to Specsavers! But I love the thought of serving ice cream after the funeral at cryomatoria that’s made of dead bodies. Then we could worry, ‘do you get the right icecreamains?’

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