The Separation Line

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The Separation Line was produced over a fourteen-month period between 2010 and 2011 and observes how the repatriation ceremonies of Wootton Bassett provided a rite of passage, representing an insight into the ongoing experiences of British soldiers returning from War. During the two hour gathering and subsequent ten minute ceremony, lay all of those contradictory features which afford humans the capacity to laugh and cry together; the language of commemoration.
Representing the actual duration and structure of the ceremonies the film, composed from fourteen ceremonies, attempts to bring an audience into the midst of the repatriations, positioning the viewer as onlooker, witness, participatory performer and drawing upon a range of sensory situations and observations that define this collective experience.
For further information please download the research chapter The Separation Line as pdf, included in the publication “Border Visions: Borderlands in Film and Literature”, to be published by Scarecrow Press later this year or visit


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