Ain’t Going Yet

Charles Cowling

Photo © Simon Thackray


Billy Jenkins is a guitarist, composer, bandleader, performer & humanist funeral officiant in London. These are his funeral wishes:

Simple cremation for me

From Poppy’s.

No funeral.
No music – for when a musician dies, there is nothing but


If anyone wishes to:
Choose just one of my pieces of music.
Play loud.
Really listen and feel the resonation.
When finished, raise a glass  and shout three times:

‘Oh YEAH!’
‘Oh YEAH!’
‘Oh YEAH!’

Lyric extract for ‘I Am A Man From Lewisham’

Wherever I die – bring my ash and bone

Back to the place – that I call home

Been north and south

And east and west

I know the place – that I love best

‘Cause I’m a man – from Lewisham

Oh yes I am – From Lewisham.


As reviewed in the Daily Mirror:

    ‘One of the great unclassifiable forces in the British underground. His ever-fascinating career takes a joyful turn on an album of pubsy knees-ups, blues growling and deliriously rude brass. He also conducts humanist funerals. Versatile!’ 
                                                         Gavin Martin / The Daily Mirror

 Here is a song he wrote.


I still got some teeth
Grey matter underneath
So hold the funeral wreath
I Ain’t Going Yet

I can still walk
And  boy how I can talk
Get that wine uncorked 
I Ain’t Going Yet

Where’s the time gone? 
I don’t know
I just arrived now it’s time to go
Seems that I can’t have no more
Death is knockin’ at my door

Excuse me if I ask it
But I don’t need no casket
You don’t seem to grasp it
I Ain’t Going Yet 
I Ain’t Going Yet 
I Ain’t Going Yet 

Just one last request
Before I’m laid to rest
There’s  something I must stress
I Ain’t Going Yet 
I Ain’t Going Yet 
I Ain’t Going Yet 
I Ain’t Going Yet 

[wadya mean OH NO!? You mean OH YEAH!!] 
© 2000 Billy Jenkins  PRS/MCPS

    from the CD ‘LIFE’ VOTP  VOCD 023



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Poppy Mardall
9 years ago

I am so honoured Billy!

Good Funeral Guide Blog – can we have more of these articles? It’s fascinating to hear about celebrants and what their funerals would look like.