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This tickled us: 


Dr. Ed James is occasionally asked why he named his radio show “Funerals and Fried Chicken.”

He replies, “Not long ago, I was surrounded by friends and relatives in the basement of a church, following a funeral, and the food served was fried chicken, mac n’ cheese and assorted cakes, pies and other desert items.

I recently heard a pastor describe the meal ritual of funerals at his church; a typical meal consisted of fried chicken and mac n cheese, washed down with beverages like fruit punch.

Listening to the pastor talk, I couldn’t help but think about how such meals would inevitably lead to the next funeral.”


Seems a bit hard, perhaps, however true. A funeral is an occasion that begets an appetite for comfort, soul or, if you like, junk food high in feelgood-dobad ingredients.

Healthy options for grievers, anyone? 





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Paul Hensby
9 years ago

The best option, not necessarily the healthiest, is to choose the food and drink that best reflects the life departed. And if the loved one was a real gourmet, then organise ‘a farewell feast’ as part of the sending off.
You won’t be surprised to know there’s an article on this in My Last Song: http://www.mylastsong.com/advice/127/148/107/funerals/funeral-planning/foodies-final-feast-or-your-last-supper