Oh yes we would

Charles Cowling



Denouncing plans for a new crematorium in Surrey which, if it is built, will be no more than 205m from the nearest house, East Grinstead resident David says:


“You wouldn’t want to sit in your garden and overlook a funeral.”


Oh no? How very different you are, David, from the readership of the GFG. 



Other responses are both predictable and very Sussex.  Helen Tinner says: “The thought of breathing in poisonous fumes whilst out enjoying fresh air is appalling.” Phil Rose says: “I will have my property valued now. If the crematorium is given the go-ahead and it devalues my home then I will expect compensation.” 

The company making the planning application is Peacebound Ltd. So far as we can see, Peacebound was founded in 2010 with £1 share capital and is registered to a residential address in, wait for it, Furnace Parade, Crawley. Does anyone know anything about Peacebound Ltd? 



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9 years ago

“You wouldn’t want to sit in your garden and overlook a funeral.”

Good God, David, that’s just what you’ve been doing all your life for your own – wake up!

9 years ago

or this one!
For those with statistical minds and/or interest you can check out Peacebound Ltd and its directors here
It’s interesting and free to click on each director and then on each of the listed companies and look at the latest financials.

Paul Hensby
9 years ago

Peacebound of Furnace Parade…very droll Charles.