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A couple of days ago Paul Hensby at My Last Song sent the following query to Co-operative Funeralcare:

“Would you consider advising families to research the growing number of cheaper and eco-friendly alternatives to wood-based coffins? Are you anticipating a growing demand for more individual farewell ceremonies and if so how are you training your staff to supply these bespoke funerals?”

This is the reply he got: 

“Thank you for making contact

you may find visiting our web site to undertnad how we support a whole range of differing styles of fuenral arrangements. Including the items you make note of.

Cleint Relations”


Read the entire sorry tale over at My Last Song here


  1. Charles

    oh yes smashing stuff and but surely part of that enormous profit could be spent on just a wee bit more of ‘higher customer services’ or is that asking too much

    and on ‘the eco side’ of the market, funeralcare are OF COURSE involved in this and to date operate three Woodland burial site, here’s the link

    and yes, just to make sure that there’s full ‘transparency here’ (sic) scroll down dear reader until the usual corporate style speak appears


  2. Charles

    I’m afraid I’m a spelling snob – I’d have to send this to Mr Tinning himself, with red pen all over it – just like my English teacher used to do to my literary efforts!

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