Final lap for Luke

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The Rev Paul Sinclair takes Luke Leary for a last spin at Brands Hatch, at speed, before Luke’s funeral. 

Luke, 24, was killed in an accident. According to KentOnline:

Around 50 machines and at least the same number of cars lined up at the entrance to Brands Hatch as 24-year-old Luke Leary’s coffin was brought in on a special motorcycle hearse. 

All the bikers sported coloured gear.

Blue and white predominated: it was the colours of his bike, and the bright colours were the wish of his family.

The hearse stopped briefly for photographs after going out on to the track.

The Darenth biker, who had lived life to the full, then did three laps of the Indy Circuit before making his final journey to Bobbing crematorium
Luke was killed when he hit a lamp post in High Halstow as he rode on the Hoo peninsula.

Full story here. Paul and Luke arrive 4 mins 30 secs in. 


  1. Charles

    Absolutely brilliant.
    Well done Paul for carrying out a persons final wish.
    And if I know you that would have been just as exciting for you.
    Paul is a great guy who will carry out most wishes, I conducted a motorcycle funeral where the elderly widow wanted to ride pillion in the crematorium, Paul obliged.

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