God can heal

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From this morning’s Times:

A Christian group is to be allowed to claim “God can heal” after an Advertising Standards Authority ruling. Healing on the Streets, based in Wiltshire, can use the phrase only on its website, which the authority has said is outside its jurisdiction and not in printed material. 

Outside its jurisdiction?? Bafflement reigns here at the GFG-Funeralcare Tower™



  1. Charles

    Well, I can bring people back from the dead.
    Still dead, of course, but if I claimed to do so in my website would I not be had for false advertising?

  2. Charles

    If the ASA can judge Greenfield v Colourful website claims I don’t understand why they can’t judge Healing on the Streets’s website claims. Although perhaps I should tell those of my friends with terminal diagnoses of Parkinson’s, MND and cancer to pop across to the hallowed streets of Wiltshire sharpish? (All of whom have been prayed for both fervently and furtively already, but not, so far as I am aware, on the streets…)

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