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This blog is asserting its freedom to say and do whatever it likes by decamping to the seaside for a few days before heading to Scotland for the birth of a granddaughter. 

During this time it is likely that normal service will suffer some dropout as the team here at the GFG-Batesville Tower sports in the surf and generally chillaxes, their tiny minds unclouded by dark ponderings on mortality, their excitable hearts unmoved by tasty industry gossip.

We feel we’re letting you down, of course. If the blog has become a habit, try reading some old stuff that you missed. It won’t seem all that dusty; time stands still in the deathcare business. 

It is likely that Lyra Mollington will be here as ever on Friday morning. It is always worth bearing in mind, though, that Mrs Mollington, young at heart as she so commendably  is, is also (this is strictly between us, please) well advanced in years, and her health is not as trusty as once it was. 

This is as good an opportunity as any to remind you that the GFG is a platform for all who wish to deliver themselves of a point of view. If you would like to have your say here, then so long as what you say is opinionated or informative, but not self-promotional (though by all means talk about your work), we will be delighted to consider up to 800 words on owt that floats your boat. Send it to

Happy sweltering!



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Lyra Mollington
Lyra Mollington
11 years ago

Charles: I hope you’re not implying that I have been lying about my age. I am 74, the same age as Jane Fonda.
Wishing you a splendid break from the world of funerals.

gloria mundi
11 years ago

Charles, have a lovely time in Scotland. Dear Lyra, as Enobarbus said of Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s canter round the whole sorry business with regard to her and her skittish Roman lover, “Time cannot wither her/Nor custom stale her infinite variety.” I’m not quite sure what he meant by the last bit of that – I suspect it may be unsuitable for a family audience – but the first bit is fitting for the timeless excellence you bring to the GFG – worth a lot more, I’d say, than anything Ms Fonda ever did. I’m sure Charles meant no offence, but… Read more »

Lyra Mollington
Lyra Mollington
11 years ago

Thank you Gloria – what a lovely lady you are! I haven’t completely forgiven Charles for choosing a photograph for my posts (purporting to be me) of an actress who was in her eighties. However, she was a jolly good Miss Marple so I shouldn’t complain too much. On Friday, I hope you will see how young-at-heart I am.

11 years ago

I’m thinking of heading to Scotland for the birth of a granddaughter – need at least one to restore the balance.