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Rum goings-on emerge from the online memorial website GoneTooSoon here (which we’ve never had a lot of time for at the GFG), where a variation of trolling seems to be going on. In an online discussion titled Victim of FAKE memorials 🙁  Vicki writes:

I’m sorry, but recently, I have been the victim of several fake memorials, I have made photos, lit candles, and even bought these fake people presents!!! As soon as I hear that these memorials are fake, I remove every one as relation, remove all candles, photos and gifts left to these fake people!!

Because of the large amount of fake memorials coming from the Brothers and Sisters of Suicide Group Garden I have removed myself from all connections with this garden. I do not support fake memorials and the other members of the garden can decide for themselves whether they want to stay or not.

I am not very happy about this. I remember many times being in so much pain, but wanting to help these people (who, I now find out are not real)! 

I’m going to have to take a break from here until I can figure this out. I may have to leave. This literally makes me sick. I’ll let you know what I decide. All my love, Vicki

So far as we can see, GoneTooSoon has taken its suicide garden down. 


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