Death and Life

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Transitus member Zambodhi Schlossmacher has written to tell us of this book, just out. Here’s the blurb:

Bruno Bitterli-Furst was amazed when Elisabeth Kubler-Ross first contacted him from the spiritual world. Initially, he disbelieved her authenticity. However, over the course of communicating with her, it became unequivocally clear that this being from the spiritual world was a profound expert on death and dying. A few days prior to this unexpected encounter, Bruno had already decided to embark on another book project. So Elisabeth and Bruno determined to write a book together across the threshold of this world and the world beyond. Soon thereafter, a profound document emerged that shared deep insights about death, Elisabeth’s personal experiences in the nonmaterial world, and the collaborative creative process that is possible between the spiritual world and Earth. Their collaborative process culminated in this book with words that both touch deeply and put death in its rightful place – central to life! Bruno Bitterli-Furst initially worked as a woodcraft teacher. At 32, he embarked on an intensive course of study involving collaboration with the spiritual world. He has since been working as a psychic counselor and course leader supporting people to connect to their own inner guidance.

Zambodhi Schlossmacher adds:

The book investigates death and looks at issues in everyday-life relevant to death. Elisabeth shares her own experiences of what she went through when she died ‘for real’ and how she is now continuing to investigate aspects of death in the spiritual world. 


The book is an invitation to enter a deep inner process and it is not written for the intellect but for the heart. It follows themes and threads in gentle rhythms and has a meditatively slow pace in favour of reaching deep. It is very suitabe to read in small groups or together with a friend. 


The book is by no means gloomy and dishartening, on the contrary; it is very life-affirming and includes humor, based on the best that we as humans can be.
Most of all I am sure ‘Death and Life’ can help people who are in need to make peace with the reality of death in our earthly existence.


You can order it from the Book Depository here  (special offer at the moment) or on Amazon here 
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