Embalmer of the day

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“I had to rebuild it in nine hours. I used everything: duct tape, masking tape, tissue builder, wound filler … I put, like, coat hangers and caulk in there and put him into a little baby outfit … He looked awesome.”


US embalmer Troy Schoeller on reconstructing the body of a baby. More on this story here.


  1. Charles

    It’s a mad world, my masters. It’s surely tough to be in the vanguard of change.

    Ms Carlson may believe that she would have sacked Troy Schoeller for talking about the unattractiveness of dead fat people, had he hypothetically been working for her. It may be in ‘poor taste’; and yet it seems Mr Schoeller is being punished for speaking some biological truths that many people would prefer to shy away from. And the account suggests he is skilled and resourceful, and proud of his work.

    Should the journalist be censured for baiting a trap and generating funeral-porn?

    Should everyone in the deathzone be tattooed with that piece of Aurelius Clemens Prudentius?

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