Ozzy Osbourne on coffin shopping

Charles Cowling


Ozzy Osborne is an agony uncle at the Sunday Times. Here’s a recent interaction: 

Dear Dr Ozzy, is it bad form to shop for your own coffin? (I ask this as a cancer patient with very particular tastes.)

Ozzy replies:

It ain’t bad form, but there’s gotta be something better to do with your time if you’re expecting the worse. I mean, it’s not like you’ll get much of an opportunity to admire your brass handles and velvet padding after the funeral. You’ll be a gonner! If you wanna go shopping, Dr Ozzy’s advice is to buy something you can enjoy while you’re still breathing.



Sunday Times 8 Jan 2012

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Lizzy Lust
Lizzy Lust
7 years ago

Ozzy, we love you for your great advice! (although this one was quite obvious…) Keep on rockin’ for the next 100,000 years!

Paul Hensby
10 years ago

Ozzy’s comment on enjoying something when you’re still breathing is increasingly prescient. A number of people have contacted My Last Song informing us of the pleasure and reassurance the family and friends got when decorating a simple coffin. Why not plan ahead, order a coffin from one of the growing number of firms supplying direct to the public and transform it into a very personal final resting place?

Jenny Uzzell
10 years ago

Well that’s that, then. How can Ozzy be wrong 🙂