Ozzy Osbourne on coffin shopping

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Ozzy Osborne is an agony uncle at the Sunday Times. Here’s a recent interaction: 

Dear Dr Ozzy, is it bad form to shop for your own coffin? (I ask this as a cancer patient with very particular tastes.)

Ozzy replies:

It ain’t bad form, but there’s gotta be something better to do with your time if you’re expecting the worse. I mean, it’s not like you’ll get much of an opportunity to admire your brass handles and velvet padding after the funeral. You’ll be a gonner! If you wanna go shopping, Dr Ozzy’s advice is to buy something you can enjoy while you’re still breathing.



Sunday Times 8 Jan 2012

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Jenny Uzzell
11 years ago

Well that’s that, then. How can Ozzy be wrong 🙂

Paul Hensby
11 years ago

Ozzy’s comment on enjoying something when you’re still breathing is increasingly prescient. A number of people have contacted My Last Song informing us of the pleasure and reassurance the family and friends got when decorating a simple coffin. Why not plan ahead, order a coffin from one of the growing number of firms supplying direct to the public and transform it into a very personal final resting place?

Lizzy Lust
Lizzy Lust
9 years ago

Ozzy, we love you for your great advice! (although this one was quite obvious…) Keep on rockin’ for the next 100,000 years!