Bicycle hearse for sale

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Paul Sinclair, he who begat Motorcycle Funerals, has a bicycle hearse for sale. 

It’s made to his own design, and it’s been thoroughly tested. Says Paul, “We put a coffin on it and 30 stones of sandbags then rode it with two, me being pillion. It went fine.”

Paul warns: “I won’t sell it to someone I think will just stick it on display somewhere as I want it to be used.” He adds: “The pillion rider needs shoe size ten or under! Riders MUST be trained in sidecar riding, it is difficult and disconcerting with almost no weight, but it can be done with the training we would provide and it is much easier with a coffin. If the buyer was using it a lot we’d advise fitting leading link forks and again we could explain all that. I don’t advise hacking it round bends as bicycle spokes have their limits with transverse forces, but on the half dozen plus funerals we’ve done sensibly it has never ever let us down. The coffin is tied down with straps to the handles rather than stoppered in, so it is very secure.”

It’s seen some lovely funerals. Says Paul: “Our most amazing one was where it was ridden into a church in Devon and sat at the front all through the service. It was then turned round and off back out straight down the aisle. How cool!”

Find out more, or put in a bid, by contacting Paul here

For more details, please contact us by email:








  1. Charles

    I love it, and it’s very tempting! We are a bicycle strong community. The killers are the Cotswold hills that erupt in front of us everywhere we look, with crematoria being the other side of all of them.
    The point is to ride it, not push it most of the way.

  2. Charles

    I was wondering if this bike is still for sale …Looking for a bike for me and my hubby to ride …Hubbys blind an a side car would make him feel so much more stable … we live in the countryside an the roads are very flat … looks perfect …
    thanks Gilly

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