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“But our machines have now been running 70 or 80 years, and we must expect that, worn as they are, here a pivot, there a wheel, now a pinion, next a spring, will be giving way; and however we may tinker them up for a while, all will at length surcease motion.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1814

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gloria mundi
12 years ago

Neat one, Tom. Sums up an entirely mature and helpful way of looking at human mortality. If our ways of living, our cultures, ever seem bizarre and dangerous to you (viewed, as it were, from Mars) maybe it’s because we spend so much of the time pretending things are otherwise than Mr J tells us they are. Anyway, look, I’m off to but some more stuff I don’t really need so that I can chuck it away in a few month’s time so that I can buy some more stuff I….and maybe that’ll help with my pretence that I’m not… Read more »