Useful advice for senior citizens

Charles Cowling


Ever wondered about what to look for in a nursing home?

We know. It’s a pre-need question and just like funeral planning we all like to think we wont need it. Or maybe we’ll get lucky and die first.

But life expectancy is only another way to say hanging around. Street corners are too chilly (and there are no toilets) and the libraries are all closing so maybe the nursing home is all that’ll be left to us.

In which case it’s worth checking this site out. Packed with top tips it’s as indispensible as – dare we say it – the Good Funeral Guide itself.

For example here it is on what to look for when assessing amenities in the home:

Don’t be drawn in by fancy extras like craft rooms, massage pools, visitor parking or other amenities that are never likely to be used.

Focus on the basics and make sure that they have the small creature comforts like heat, running water and around the clock electricity.

Top advice. Read more here.

One thought on “Useful advice for senior citizens

  1. Charles Cowling
    Gloria Mundi

    Carefully noted, Charles, for future reference- although Mr Mundi says he’s already sorted out “options” for me and says I’ll just love it there. Should I believe him, do you think? I don’t like the way he keeps packing a little bag for me just in case….

    Charles Cowling

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