An Instinct for Kindness

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From the review in the Guardian:

Last year Chris Larner took his ex-wife Allyson – with whom he had remained good friends – to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland where she ended her life. It was a life that had become unbearable because of the constant pain, indignities and limits imposed upon her by multiple sclerosis, a condition she had lived with for more than 25 years. Allyson decided that enough was enough.

It is its total lack of sentimentality that makes it so moving, and half the audience is in pieces long before the end. That, and because the redoubtable Allyson is so fully present in the show. Planning her own funeral, she declares: “I don’t want any stiff upper lip. I want weeping and wailing and inconsolable.” This was not a woman to go gently into that good night, and this is a show that reminds us that how we die is as important as how we live.

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12 years ago

This is fantastic. So moving, I felt shocked when the little video stopped after 3+ minutes.
A wonderful example of someone (Chris Lamer) who has managed to turn his grief into beauty and power.
It makes me wonder which of us does not have an empty stage and a heart full of a story that could bear repeating, making more of?
Thank you.