What does dying feel like?

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Philip Gould, one of the architects of New Labour, is dying of cancer.

In a way, he says, it’s a privilege to be in his position – to have a deadline, to be given a chance to sort everything. “I do really feel I know where I am now.” Don’t get me wrong, he says – he has loved his life, wishes he could have enjoyed pottering about in old age, hates the chemotherapy, but it’s not all negative. He’s writing a book about his cancer – the initial diagnosis, its recurrence, and now he’s in the final stage. “Death is not discussed very much, but I will write about this. I’ll finish the book.”

Is he scared of dying? He shakes his head. “From the moment I resolved and reconciled things with Gail the fear went. I don’t feel I’ve got any fear now. I think acceptance is the key. If you accept death, fear disappears.” 

“I live by the day. Just sitting in the park, looking at the flowers thinking how beautiful they are. It’s almost … not hallucinogenic but it’s a much stronger feeling than previously.”


Full article in the Guardian here


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Belinda Forbes
10 years ago

I have been privileged to meet people who know they have very little time left. They want to meet the person who is going to conduct their funeral. I am humbled by their courage – and by how much they care about their their families coping when they are gone.