The Last Performance

Charles Cowling

At a funeral home death is something that may become a daily routine. And it is also where some kind of performance is taking place. ‘The last performance’ is a behind-the-scenes look at the place where funeral rites are prepared.

Directed by Jorge Tur Moltó. On Vimeo here

One thought on “The Last Performance

  1. Charles Cowling
    james showers

    This is wonderfully enjoyable and matter of fact peep behind the veil at a very well oiled funeral parlour. Just looking at the way those boys slit the back of the deceased’s clothes and slip them on, with 35 minutes to go before the viewing makes me envious. They are doing a fine job, enjoying and joshing each other, and there are cleaners and trolleys and plenty of room galore.
    It is so different from doing all – or most of it myself. Massaging the hands of the person, washing their old face, doing the necessary with eyes/mouth/nose false teeth etc of one whose family I sat with for an hour or three in their living room, brings a quality to my contact with the family, the arrangements and the day of the funeral that I would not miss, nor attempt to replace with the slickest systems known to woman.

    Charles Cowling

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