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The last ten days or so in tweets. I only tweet good stuff, remember — all the best death stories from around the world. These are all worth checking out.

DIY suicide causes horrible death, claims EXIT. Time to legalise?


Online site in memo of Stephen Ross – Contains this irresistible invite: Click here to contact Steven Ross.


“Maybe my ride’s over. It’s surreal, but it’s nothing to be sad about. Be happy.” Brave woman dying –


Nice funeral for a nice guy – My top funeral band? Gotta be Green Street –


Funeral of a friend – of an Anglican priest. I do like this man –


Obituarist reviews death play – “It’s not a happy show, but it’s fun.” Interesting thoughts here –


Dead Swede does a runner –


Japan cemetery loyalty card + tomb of the year award to spur competitive mourning –


Green funerals in the US going the way of the quick buck — as in the UK, sadly –


“We said we’d give it six months and it lasted 40 years.” Husband’s funeral tribute. Lovely one, this –


Elvis Presley dies of pneumonia in Yorkshire care home –


Interesting article from The Guardian on death and the scenery of life


Transhumanists seek immortality through bio-engineering. Fools or realists?


Mummified Ming woman discovered in China. Very good pics –


Man kills himself for love at girlfriend’s grave –


Shallow grave cake here:


Just bought my ticket to this natural burial event at Arnos Vale. Anyone else going?


Prisoner on death row wants to donate his organs –


‘Ain’t no grave can hold my body down’ – Johnny Cash. Just discovered it –


A difficult but in the end beautiful funeral in a nursing home –


“With a flood tide on a new moon, March 4th, 2011, John pulled up anchor to set sail for new horizons”


“I haven’t heard anyone say ‘I’m sorry we had a home funeral'” –


Man wins permission to be buried with his dogs. Heartwarming –


Dignity plc, gluttonous undertaker, banks £39.8 million profit. Lucky shareholders; unlucky consumers –


Magazine calls on readership to write their own obit and get it in “in good time” You’ll love this! –


“It felt as if the house had been cleaned out after the funeral, as though the place had been burgled.” Great story –


The Southern (US) way of death. delightful.




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