Coffin price war on eBay?

Charles Cowling


Wicker coffin from the Coffin Company

Coffins have been coming up for sale on eBay from time to time for a few years, but not in a dependable flow. That may be about to change. Carl Marlow’s Coffin Company has a nice selection at keen prices and I guess he’s in there to stay. You can always tell which is a Carl coffin. He likes to photograph his standing up.

And, I see, my old friend Granlite of Clickfunerals is back with a couple of nice ones plus a good selection of ashes urns. I last corresponded with Granlite over a year ago. He/she has been a bit on and off but is back, I hope, to stay.

Carl’s prices look pretty good to me. The opening bid on his two wicker ones is £195, the Buy It Now price £275. He has a trad oak veneer, lined, with an opening bid of £175 and a Buy It Now price of £235. There’s an additional delivery charge in all cases of £30.

But Clickfunerals are offering a lined oak veneer at an even keener price: £199 + free delivery.  The product description leaves a heck of a lot to be desired and does not necessarily inspire confidence.

Undercut that, though, and you’re in business.

Coffin Co here. Clickfunerals here.





One thought on “Coffin price war on eBay?

  1. Charles Cowling
    Claire Callender

    hmmmm oak vaneer = horrible glues, really heavy, no usable handles so 6 creepy blokes in cheap suits and squashy shoes bearing your Mum in and then sloping off for a fag.

    Charles Cowling

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