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Hiring a funeral service director to deal with all the arrangements for the deceased is a sensible idea. Not only is it affordable but it could take away some of the mental stress that comes with coping with the deceased. The garments, shoes, sock as well as the type of studs to use may seem all pretty easy to pick if you are dressing a living and breathing person but your composure goes to crap when you are already facing your dead loved one for the first time.



  1. Charles

    Bloggledegook my arse, what a refreshing change from the usual euphemistic obsequiousness of more restrained funeral directors’ publicity – I hope they’re in the ‘recommended’ section of the book, Charles!!

  2. Charles

    There are one or two golden bits fromn later on in the source Charles points us to:

    “An ideal funeral service director would normally make families choose from a collection of deals that are based on various tiers of spending budget.” H’m, yes indeed. I like “make.” Can they parhaps have come across a national network of thinly-disguised independents?

    “A cremation would cost less than a proper funeral but..” Just supports what everyone’s saying about crems, doesn’t it?

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