Give me champagne!

Charles Cowling

William Price on his deathbed

Good piece here on William Price, the father of cremation. If ever there was a more colourful life… The title of this post quotes his last words

3 thoughts on “Give me champagne!

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    […] piece on wonderfully mad William Price, father of cremation. His last words? Give me champagne! GoodFunerals Charles Cowling John Hicklenton died at Dignitas. Amongst his final words: […]

  2. Charles Cowling
    Rupert Callender

    Ah, my beloved Dr Price. I will be singing his praises in the forthcoming, wait for it, long awaited fith edition of The Natural Death Handbook. For all of us who think that crems could do better and long for the crackle of an open air pyre, he is indeed our hero.

    Charles Cowling

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