Different cultures, different customs

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Here’s how they do it in Swaziland:

EZULWINI – The funeral of Ziggy Carvalho was turned into a ‘mini rally’ as mourners watched his friends showing off with their cars.

This happened at KaBhelina yesterday morning during a short prayer held at his home.

This was before his body was taken to the burial site at Nyonyane, about 500 metres from KaMchoza Bar, past Calabash Restaurant.

Carvalho attended the Simunye Fair last weekend but was stabbed in the stomach by one of the revellers just as he and his family members were preparing to go back home.

Yesterday’s service started just before 7am and only lasted 15 minutes.

While the service proceeded, mourners who were waiting outside watched some of Carvalho’s friends bidding farewell to their friend in a rather unique way.

Carvalho’s friends, mostly those who were driving BMWs, revved the vehicles so loud that all those who had gone to pay their last respects came out to watch. While the drivers played with their accelerators, some of the mourners, especially those who spent most of their lives with Carvalho, began to celebrate.

They jumped up and down, encouraging the drivers to continue revving the cars until the casket was taken into the hearse.

At one point in time, one of the mourners asked the driver of one of the three BMWs to spin his car but could not because there was no space.

Whole story here.

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