Going down

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This from the monochrom website:

In the age of data mining, a person’s sex life may contain less embarrassing details than their web search history. Does it make sense that the former is a tightly guarded secret while the latter is shared with anonymous corporations daily? Even though a sexual nature is one of the few things most humans share in common, our social convention is to push all trace of it out of the public sphere. The Six Feet Under Club offers attendees a unique opportunity to experience the warping of public and private intimate space.

At monochrom‘s Arse Elektronika conference, couples can volunteer to be buried together in a casket beneath the ground. The space they occupy will be extremely private and intimate. The coffin is a reminder of the social norm of exclusive pair bonding “till death do us part”. However, this intimate scene will be corrupted by the presence of a night vision webcam which projects the scene on to an outside wall. The audience will be privy to the scene inside, but the volunteers in the coffin will be completely isolated from them. The scenario keeps the intimacy of a sexual moment intact while moving the private act into public space. It can be seen as an absurd parody of pornographic cinema or an examination of the high value placed on sexual privacy. Either way, won’t you become a member of the Six Feet Under Club?


  1. Charles

    Charles, a most unrefined understanding of the sex/death metaphysic indeed!

    But another good example of how we subconsciously need (and thus create opportunities to bring) the downside of “the big equation” into our lives. All growth and expansion is unnatural.

    Also an example of how undeveloped our conception of the downside is.

    Thomas Friese
    Perpetua’s Garden

  2. Charles

    how rubbish ones sex life must be if one is reduced to shagging in a tiny box for kicks!


    Oh, yes, thats it, its to make me cool!

    I will be sure put it on my bucket list ;o)

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