What are we missing?!

Charles 2 Comments

The availability of personalization features that reflect and honor individual lifestyles … life symbols designs add a distinct touch to the casket … embroidered tribute panels … the Memory®Safe Drawer encourages family to participate … important for expressing your loved one’s individuality … many times a particular species of wood may evoke an important memory or remind one of a particular personal possession … bronze and copper are considered semi-precious metals … designed to resist the entrance of air, water and other gravesite substances…

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james showers
james showers
14 years ago

I had forgotten just how grim it is to be spoken to with such commercial loving care, and with such a stream of euphamisms. Not my bag – in which I would rather be buried any day.
Surely it must be hard to justify burying a relative in 'semi-precious metals such as copper and bronze' these days……… no matter how 'resistant to grave materials' these metals may be.

14 years ago

"Your funeral professional can come to your home, and advise you on the happy memories evoked by your loved one's old wardrobe, with its peeling veneer and missing leg that may remind you of his war injuries. Interring him in furniture of this kind brings home the comforting thought that his dead body is like a worn out suit that he no longer needs.

"Come to our funeral parlour, and be happy that you've given us your life savings to memorialise and honor your dear departed."